Welcome gentleman, it’s a pleasure to introduce myself.

We both know that you didn’t arrive at my website on a casual whim. Likewise, my motivation for this site isn’t an exercise in impulsivity. Quite possibly – and probably – we arrived here for all the same reasons.

Let me take an instinctual guess. You’re a highly accomplished individual who has experienced and achieved much and it is simply in your nature to desire more. This insatiable desire is the catalyst that motivates you to move constantly in forward motion, evolve further, and achieve still more. It is very much an intellectual, spiritual, and physical wanderlust that you possess where every stationary moment is tantamount to a fleeting opportunity.

Quite possibly – and probably – we arrived here for all the same reasons.

Admittedly, my presuppositions about you aren’t entirely just wild guesses. They stem more from a sense of commonality that I believe I share the aforementioned attributes with you. Taken a small step further, perhaps what’s brought you here is our shared instinctual sense of commonality – our inherent connection.

True to form, we both may wonder how our commonalities and connection will help further our desires. Well, I believe that our shared passion and belief that each day should be lived to its fullest will serve to motivate each other to achieve still more. For my part in our forward velocity, I can be relied on to bring a smile, a laugh, and a comforting sense of security and ease to all our interactions. As a loving, caring, and nurturing individual, my insight and sensitivity to your energy will afford me with wisdom and poise that belies my relatively young age. What should be most significant to you and gratifying to me is that I can be relied on to be an invaluable friend and confidant.

So let’s give each other license to pursue our mutual wanderlust. And how might that manifest itself, you ask? In any way we please! Perhaps it’s spontaneously jetting off to a faraway beach where our only purpose is to enjoy the sun and sand, or a mountain getaway where we’d challenge our physical endurance hiking and biking among all the nature. If it’s excitement, glitter, and glitz that we yearn, how about a quick trip to Miami or Las Vegas or New York City, or even a place that requires passports for entrance?

All this isn’t to suggest that we always have to be on the go and live life at a manic pace. We could just as well enjoy the contrast of more contemplative, relaxed, and sensual pursuits. If you’re not already a practitioner of yoga, perhaps I could introduce you. Perhaps you might reciprocate by introducing me to your favorite fine dining spot to indulge in exotic delicacies. Better still, we could take matters literally into our own hands and explore our creative streak by taking up painting together. As I am already an avid painter, I would love nothing more than to share my love for art – and creating art – with you. (In fact, be sure to check out my artwork on this website.)

In the realm of sensuality, I should note that a nuance to my personality is the unique balance I possess between being simultaneously dominant and submissive. While I am certainly submissive and feminine as the situation may require, my Aquarius energy inevitably brings out a certain level of dominance as well. This inherent contrast certainly adds to my seductive allure, as I can be sensual yet playful and domineering yet submissive all at once. It is a dichotomy that I’m certain will surely entice you, and one that we will most assuredly explore.

Anything short of acting on our shared sense of wanderlust – intellectual, spiritual, and physical – would indeed be a lost opportunity for mutual fulfillment. So true to our nature, isn’t it time we embraced the myriad possibilities…together?

My Stats

Age Early 20s
Height 5’9″
Weight 160 lbs
Measurments 38-29-38
Body type Tall slim with curves
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Dress size 8
Shoe US 10 / Euro 41
Breasts 34DDD
Tattoos Many
Piercings A few
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Hobbies Traveling, painting, singing, cooking

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