My rates are for companionship and time only.

Anything that may, or may not, occur during our date is between two consenting adults. It will be understood that anyone contacting me understands and accepts all the stated terms. I reserve the right to decline appointments when I deem necessary.

In The Midst Of It All

When the weight of the world seems too much to bear, there’s nothing more therapeutic than escaping into the arms of a comforting lover. Whether that includes a warm breeze and sand between our toes, a cozy night cuddled up on the couch, or perhaps providing some much-needed stress relief on a business trip, it would be my pleasure to accompany you wherever your travels may take you.

Description Duration Donation
Weekend Escape 48 hours $12,000
Uninterrupted Bliss 24 hour $ 8,000
Overnight Indulgence 12 hours $ 5,000

A Proper Introduction

I’ve found that the best foreplay takes place outside of the bedroom. There’s nothing like a deep conversation over a romantic dinner to open the door to true intimacy. A proper introduction is preferred for first-time rendezvous so that we may allow ourselves the opportunity to ease into our relationship with a sense of comfort.

Description Duration Donation
Dinner, Drinks, and Dessert 6 hours $3,000
Dinner & Drinks 4 hours $2,000

The Brief Encounter

Consider this a short and sweet way to catch up or recharge during or after a busy work day.

Description Duration Donation
A Moment In Time 2 hours $1,200
First Blush 1.5 hours $1,000
A Quick Hello 1 hour $ 600

Fly Me To You

Being the adventurous soul that I am, I always have my passport at hand. Whether traveling domestic or international, I am eager to explore every corner of the globe with you and create lasting memories along the way. Of course, this entails a bit more planning on both of our parts, so I do require a 50 percent deposit upon booking in addition to a $500 travel fee. It is your responsibility to cover my travel expenses, including five- or four-star hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, and first-class or business airfare. I’ve found that arriving refreshed and in high spirits is the best and only way to greet you. Please note that when booking domestic trips, a minimum of ‘dinner, drinks, and desert’ is required. International endeavors will require a minimum of ‘uninterrupted bliss’. I truly appreciate a gentleman who respects and understands these expectations.

Long Term Engagements

The Particulars


Aside from FMTY bookings, a 20-percent deposit is required to confirm all first-time appointments. I require a deposit in place because it shows me that you are serious about me and value our time together. With a deposit in place, I can reserve our time and plan accordingly. Once a mutual foundation has been established between us, a deposit will not be required for future bookings. All deposits are non-refundable unless our appointment was canceled by me.


I understand that there are occasions when unforeseen circumstances require a change of plans. If it becomes necessary for you to cancel, please inform me as soon as possible. Cancellations within 48 hours of our scheduled time will require 50 percent of our agreed investment. Cancellations within 24 hours will require the full stated and agreed investment. Failure to provide cancellation fees within 24 hours of our scheduled time will result in being placed on a blacklist and the termination of our communication.

Additional Fine Points

For engagements that are 4 hours or longer, I ask that you plan an outing or activity as well as lunch or dinner and drinks. I consider myself a modern woman, but I appreciate the traditional elements of a gentleman who can treat a lady to a proper date.

On weekend getaways and multi-day engagements, I prefer to have a rough itinerary planned so that I may pack and plan accordingly. If you need some assistance in planning our trip, I am happy to recommend destinations, activities, hotels, etc.

Beauty sleep is real. In order for me to be my best self at all times, mental and physical restoration is an essential priority. I ask that you allow me a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep during our nights together. My morning / night-time routine is also important to ensure that my self-care and hygiene are up to par. Likewise, I expect you to maintain impeccable hygiene throughout our time together as well.

Feel free to contact me to inquire for more details.

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